E is a letter who has a peculiar but fun life. Since finding a magical basket in a cave, he has been able to make almost any day in Foopiia a magical one. However, he's not the only one that wants the magic, a villain named Swirly E, would do anything to keep that magic all to himself!



The original logo for a concept of E's World: Foo

Gabriel had first created an early concept of E's World in 2008, making several drawings of E's and Goos and especially painting with it, being influenced by StarFall and World of Goo to make E and Goo. Around 2009 - 2010, Gabriel had made more characters on DSi Flipnote, a Pac-Man like monster known as MuchCruch, and Foo and Yee, which were inspired by a Roblox fad at the time.

In around 2013, After he added several characters like Mary, Swirly E, Yee, and Foo, He got an idea to make his own franchise, Foo, which had been dubbed a spiritual successor to the original Foopiia franchise due to Foopiia dying out. Foo was originally planned as a videogame, but due to the Fantendo Wiki page being outdated, he decided to make it into a cartoon. In 2014 he renamed Foo to E's World due to the name already being taken, and got a inspiration from SMBX to create Bomb-Per.

In around 2016, a Scratch animator named Glurt97 created a new character known as Bomby, which led to one of his friends creating P, then influenced to create A, kickstarting a small fanbase of E's World.

Main CharactersEdit


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  • E's World is the first GabToons to be created since 2008.

TV SeriesEdit

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Most of its fanbase is only on Scratch so far. Fanart is usually sent to Gabriel privately however. Gabriel hopes for a bigger fanbase in the future.


In Summer 2016, Gabriel announced that he will be planning a movie for E's World, which will be about Swirly E, Teleki and FooBot's backstory and E finally finding out who Swirly E is. The movies will be produced by The Gabrielpika Animation Studios, and disturbed by originally Crystal Pictures, and E's World Productions. Due to TGP Media-Networks being 50% owned by QWE Holdings, MovieHouse Industries was acquired by TGP Media-Networks to disturb there movies.

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