Before editing anything, follow these rules. Breaking a rule once is a block, Twice is a longer block, and 3 times is Permaban.


  • Do not make a unofficial/fan page (from are original creations) without our permission unless its on your user page, and that's especially to our fanbase.
  • Do not make a page that's already made in this wiki, along with other pages in other wikis. (obviously, its a useless page since we already have it and will be deleted.)
  • We do not accept Go!Animate content of any kind, if added it will be removed.
  • You are allowed to add pages that are forgotten, and add information as long as you ask.
  • Sock accounts are prohibited by Wikia's Rules, sock accounts, if made, will be banned.
  • If your cyber-bullying someone, causing drama, raiding this site, etc., you'll be blocked forever until you ether learned your lesson, or apologize by contract the founder via Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, or another wiki.
  • You had to be age 10 and up to be in this wiki, anyone younger will be banned until their 10th birthday.
  • Do not spam comments, posts, or pages. (obviously)
  • Swear words or any inappropriate words are allowed along as you censor it, and only use it for entertainment purposes, words such as "crap" or "hell" are allowed to use without censoring it.
  • No NSFW (obviously)

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