The Gabrielpika Animation Studios is a Foopian-American animation film studio. The studio originally produced YTPs until December 2015 when the company repurposed to produce animated feature films, short films, and TV shows.


TPEN Kids era (1995-2008) Edit

In 1995, TPEN founded TPEN Kids Productions. In 200

Autism Awareness (2002-2008) Edit

Autism Awareness Productions produced preschool, and educational programming which they air at Nick Jr. Foopiia, PBS Kids Sprout Foopiia, Noggin Foopiia, and other preschool channels, however as of 2008, its preschool programming where now moved to FTN Junior and TPEN Junior.

Gabrielpika era (2008-2012) Edit

In 2002, TPEN had planned to make another entertainment studio that is based on its new kids brand "The Gabrielpika" that produces live-action, cartoons, etc, and wanted to merge rename it into "gabrielpika studios" (working title), this name concept was later used in The Gabrielpika Studios in 2015,

In January 3, 2007, one of the employees where watching YTPs which it causes to plan to add the YTPs to the studio as well, but they where thinking if this is gonna be the world first studio that produce YTPs, so they scrap the live-action and cartoon idea. After finishing the plans in early 2008, they rename it back its "productions" name to gabrielpika Productions, and founded in June 5, 2008 which TPEN bought there original studio back.


In 2009 they where finishing the YTP plan and officially joined roblox in April 2009. In 2010 it produced YTPs, but there not in public until November 15, 2014 when there being uploaded by PikaAvs on YouTube.

In early 2011 they decided to bring back the cartoon idea, and produced there first animation in the studio which was an unnamed Angry Birds video.

The Gabrielpika Era (2012-) Edit


In 2012 it rename to The Gabrielpika Productions and they stop producing YTPs by September 2012 having more than 300 videos being produced.

During Summer 2013, E's World was developed after a 5 year hiatus. Around Fall 2013 they officially announced that The Gabrielpika Productions was going to rename to The Gabrielpika Cartoon Studio for order to finish the development of E's World.

In Early 2014 they came back producing YTPs, and around summer 2014, they stop producing YTPs again, but this time they announced that the renaming plan is still currently in development, after the development was finished, they rename The Gabrielpika Cartoon Studio to The Gabrielpika Animation Studios, and finishing the plan in fall 2014, as of September 2014 they came back making YTPs.

In spring 2015 they finished the plan was to rename in summer 2015 but suddenly pushed back in December 31, 2015, when The original TGP Productions finally renamed to The Gabrielpika Animation Studios. By then, the company stopped producing YTPs in the studio, and move on to animation, and "Reimu bought Sony Vegas, but Yukko decide to explode the computer" was the very last video to be ever produced. Afterwards the production spun-off into two companies TGP Studios, and The Gabrielpika Animation Studios, which TGP Studios continue to produce YTPs, beginning bring back the live-action idea, and start to distribute Movies, TV Shows, ETC.

Polar Night Era (2016-2017) Edit

In Early 2016 they have a partnership with M.O.A. Productions, FKGroup, and BOnage to make Spidy Spider, The Jumpers, and BonageTV blocks. in summer 2016 they let Animationcollab to produce An Great Adventures of Gabrielpika, and they only allow Animationcollab to produce object shows or flash related shows for the studio. in the beginning July 2016 few more franchises where planned, and still under development like Sporenoia, and PokeUitive. After they finished developed Oopsie Daisy!, and A Super Duper Buggy Adventure, they planned to make a short of Oopsie Daisy! along with a pilot.

In November 2016, the demo reel of E's World, E's World Randomness Shorts was released on their Youtube channel.

QWE Holdings Era (2017-) Edit

Franchises Edit

E's WorldEdit

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Main article: GabToons Studios

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