Around 2000, Autism Awareness Company was planning to make "gabrielpika studios", but around early 2008 the "Studio" name was rename back into "productions" name since it was Autism Awareness Productions.

In 2013, they have a announcement that The Gabrielpika Productions was going to rename to The Gabrielpika Cartoon Studio, which it causes that they needed another studio to disturbed, otherwise it would be disturbed by another disturber, which is owned by another company, so around 2014 they planned to make a disturber studio, and gave the "live-action idea" back along with producing YTPs, which it was in The Gabrielpika Productions before December 2015.

Around late 2014 they planned name it as The Gabrielpika Pictures, or The Gabrielpika Distribution but they later scarp those names and finally rename it to The Gabrielpika Studios.

The Gabrielpika Studios was founded in December 31, 2015 when TGP Productions spun-off, and renamed the original studio which TGP Studios was the successor to TGP Productions it produces YTPs, and distribute Movies, TV Shows, ETC.

In January 2016 they have plans to built the second location to the studio near the theme park known as the same name.

In September 2017, GGZ Media announced that The Gabrielpika Studios, and The Gabrielpika Originals will be merge into TGP Inc. and will own The Gabrielpika Animation Studios. In January 2, 2018, The Gabrielpika Originals and The Gabrielpika Studios merged into TGP Inc.

Short FilmsEdit

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